The heart and soul of business casual for men

These days, workstead has turned into a casual and a far more relaxed station and so has its dress code. Yes, also the dress code. But does that allow you to look the ” Very Casual ” ?

Fitting shirts or baggy shirts, cardigans or blazers, oxfords or sneakers, spiky hair or pleasant hair, tattoo or no tattoo, flashy tie or modest tie……. And many such struggling proposals might bother and daunt your mind everyday, while you were deciding what to wear to work tonight. All these queries concerning your work attire are plainly justifiable, as the Business casual dress code is strangely vague and unclear. Should one dress formally casual or casually formal is a hard weary puzzle but not as hard as climbing the Mount Everest !

No clue as to how to dress nicely to work can cause your work position adulterate and as a result can make you slip down the corporate ladder. Clothing does not define you any day but the Right Clothing can give a man golden seconds to make his case and persuade others. 

So, Better late than Never. Road on for Business Casual style tips and board pass the flight of your formal attire.


White and light blue cotton button-ups are the backbone to work attire, so make sure you have a core of them. You can also move into colored, collared shirts or even the polo. Patterns such as dots, checks or stripes work well. Don’t forget to tuck your shirt into your dress slacks.


A bright blue blazer, an unlined khaki sport coat, a navy suit, a patterned sport coat, a grey tweed blazer, a beige pure cotton or a linen blend blazer are the sorts that will help. You have to choose for your pick keeping in mind the prevailing temperature, outlaying area and matching trousers and shoes.


The right trousers are the infrastructure for an official dress up. Dressy slacks such as dress pants, chinos or pressed khakis are always acceptable. Adhere with classic colours like navy, black and camel and opt for a fit that is slim but not skinny.


Classic footwear is just as important as classic clothing. Quality leather footwear, oxfords, loafers, derbies, brogues and monk straps in black, brown or navy color are all safe choices. Say ‘No’ to sneakers.


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